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29th Infantry Division Soldiers on File

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Last NameFirst NameUnit 1Unit 2Unit 3Comments
AbelsonSidney104 Obs
AbooshNorman227 FA/Bty ?
AbremskiFrank175 Inf/HQ Co
AckermanRobert115 Inf/1 Bn/Co D
AdamsBradford116 Inf/2 Bn/Co H
AdamsHobart C.29 Sig
AddorioJoseph J.175 Inf/Co ?
AdlerHarold729 Ord
AeckStanley V.116 Inf/1 Bn/HQ Co
AgeeIvy111 FA/Bty B
AgnewJoseph M.175 Inf/Antitank Co
AlbertsRobert175 Inf/1 Bn/Co A
AlderetteJ.121 Eng/Co B
AldridgeHarold F.175 Inf/2 Bn/Co H
AldridgeCharles W.116 Inf/Cannon Co
AlencewitzMoe175 Inf/2 Bn/Co G
AlexanderMartin175 Inf/HQ Co
AlfanoTommy116 Inf/3 Bn/Co L
AliffMilton L.116 Inf/HQ Co
AllenRoscoe J.175 Inf
AllenJames C.116 Inf/3 Bn/Co M
AllredNed J.116 Inf/2 Bn/Co F
AllsupJohn S. (Sam)175 Inf/1 Bn/Co A
AmbroseJohn115 Inf/Service Co
AmbrosinoFrederick116 Inf/2 Bn/Co G
AndersKenneth115 Inf/1 Bn/Co A
AndersonDonald Cass116 Inf/3 Bn/Co L
AndersonRunie S.116 Inf / 3 Bn / Co I
AngeloneJoseph175 Inf/Service Co
AniskoIrven227 FA/Bty ?
AnnunziataMichael116 Inf/3 Bn/Co K
ApplebyGeorge E.175 Inf/2 Bn/Co G
ArbesSpero175 Inf/1 Bn/HQ Co
ArendtWilliam116 Inf/3 Bn/Co K
ArmbrusterPaul29 Inf Div/HQ Co
ArmourHoward115 Inf/2 Bn/Co E
ArmstrongLouis L.116 Inf/3 Bn/Co L
ArnoldWilliam J.115 Inf/1 Bn/Co A
ArnoldMarvin175 Inf/3 Bn/Co M
AshStanley115 Inf/Co ?
AshbyCarroll A.116 Inf/3 Bn/Co I
AshbyWoodrow116 Inf/3 Bn/Co L
AstorNancy29 Inf Div/Civilians
AthanasakosGeorge116 Inf/1 Bn/Co D
AustinMillard B Jr.175 Inf/1 Bn/Co D
AvatoFrank115 Inf/1 Bn/HQ Co
AyersRichard G.116 Inf/Co ?
AylerJames L.175 Inf/2 Bn/Co E
BabcockRay115 Inf/3 Bn/Co I
BaerMalcolm29 Inf Div/Co ?


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