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29th Infantry Division Soldiers on File

The 29th Infantry Division Archives, housed in Baltimore's Fifth Regiment Armory, contains invaluable biographical and historical information on more than 1,200 World War II 29ers, based in large measure on correspondence dating back to 1945 between those Soldiers and historians compiling the wartime history of the division. In addition to correspondence, the files include photographs, citations for valor, memoirs, various personnel records, and much more.

The object is to provide future generations with detailed information on the individual Soldiers who comprised the 29th Infantry Division, including many who were killed in action. There is no intention of digitizing these files, but researchers exploring 29th Infantry Division history may consult them by appointment by paying a visit to the Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore.

A complete list of 29ers we have on file follows. The list continues to grow by the week as veterans and descendants generously provide us with fresh information; and when time permits, the list will be updated.

Any World War II veteran of the 29th Division, or relatives of that Soldier, should feel free to contact us if they wish to add names and biographical information to our files. Thanks, and… "29, Let's Go!"



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